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Here's what's included in the Timeline 10 Pack: 
Our 10 Wedding Day Timelines 

Just booked a wedding? No problem! With our Timeline 10-Pack, you can send your client one of our custom wedding day timelines in minutes. The work is done for you! Just choose from our ten distinct timeline situations, make a few adjustments (if needed) and you have a professional, proven timeline that will make wedding days less stressful, more streamlined and allow you the time you need to provide a top quality experience for your clients. The timelines address scenarios with and without first looks, what to do when you have to travel to multiple locations and much more! The best part? We know they work! Because we use them at every wedding. 
* The Timeline 10-Pack is provided in Word and Pages.

Engagement Session Style Guide
Engagement Session Style Guide
2,500+ Word Bonus Guide

Get inside our head as we reveal exactly how much time we allow for each part of the wedding day. More importantly, find out WHAT we do and WHY we do it that way. Over the years, we’ve developed a proven system to ensure every client gets a consistent, quality experience. This bonus guide will empower you to plan your own smooth, organized wedding days and confidently answer any questions your clients or wedding planners might have about your timelines.

The 10 unique, custom timelines you'll get: 
  • Timeline #1
         - One Location, First Look 

  • Timeline #2 
         - One Location, No First Look 

  • Timeline #3
    - Two Locations, First Look 

  • Timeline #4
         - Two Locations, No First Look
  • Timeline #5
         - Three Locations, First Look,
            Catholic Mass, Early Sunset 
  • Timeline #6
         - Three Locations, First Look, 
            Catholic Mass, Late Sunset 
  • Timeline #7
         - Three Locations, No First Look,
            Catholic Mass, Early Sunset  
  • Timeline #8
         - Three Locations, No First Look,                           Catholic Mass, Late Sunset 
  • Timeline #9
         - Jewish Sunset Ceremony 

  • Timeline #10 
         - Four Locations, First Look

  • Bonus Timeline 
         - Ceremony/Reception Flip 
             (Same Location)    
  • Plus More! 
    - The Bonus Guide is FREE! 
Plus, we included a $29 bonus guide. For free. 

One of the most common questions we get from photographers is how much time we schedule for each section of the wedding day and what we do with that time. This bonus guide provides instant access to the answer! The Timeline 10-Pack Bonus Guide breaks down exactly how much time we allow for each segment of the day, explains what we do and why we do it. This information will make it easy for you to answer any questions your clients might have about their timeline, and feel confident about the timelines you’re sending them.

Working with a wedding planner? We've gotcha covered. 
All of our timelines are wedding planner approved. 
"You guys rock! You are transforming my client experience one PDF at a time!"

- Meggie - 
Wedding Photographer | Dallas, Texas
"We love scrolling through the 10 timelines you put together, picking the one that most resembles our situation, copying, pasting and tweaking. It has saved us so much TIME!"

- Ryland & JP - 
Wedding Photographers | Greenville, South Carolina
If you're counting, that's $58 worth of stuff for just $29.

Plus, ya know, super smooth wedding days.

So, what are you waiting for?  
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