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Photographer: Alexi | Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Photographer: Katie | Washington D.C.
Photographer: Brenna | Phoenix, Arizona

Photographer: Elania | Virginia
Photographer: Lindsey | Georgia
Photographer: Felicia | Washington, D.C.

Photographer: Sarah | Texas
Photographer: Maddie | Colorado Springs, CO
Photographer: Amie | Milltown, New Jersey

Photographer: Jeri | New Philidelphia, Ohio
Photographer: Sonia
Photographer: Demi Nicole | North Carolina

Photographer: Pamela | Mount Carmel, PA
Photographer: Remy | North Carolina
Photographer: Sarah | Weatherford, Texas

Photographer: Stephanie | St. Louis, MO
Photographer: Luisa | Dallas, TX
Photographer: Jill
Photographer: Emily | Jackson,TN
Photographer: Elaina | Virginia
Photographer: Aneta
Photographer: Calir | New Orleans, LA
Photographer: Jannine | New York
Photographer: Sharon | Fort Hood, TX 
Photographer: Rebecca | East Canton, OH 
Photographer: Megan | Mandeville, LA
Photographer: Lindsey | Murrieta, CA
Photographer: Kelsey | Capitola, CA
Photographer: Grace | Birmingham, AL 
Photographer: Celine | Springfield, MO
2016 Top Pick: Ultimate Gift Guide for Photographers 

"While some photographers closely guard their secrets, some create their own e-workshops to spill it all. Amy & Jordan feel like instant friends who want you to succeed. They go in-depth into their entire process of getting drool-worthy light and airy photos from lighting to composition to camera settings to editing tricks."

- The Huffington Post -

We believe great photography doesn't happen in Photoshop. 

It happens in camera. We'll show you how. 

- Amy & Jordan
Do you have a preset? 

That’s the number one question we get from photographers. They ask us how we edit because they’re looking for the trick to make their photos look like our photos. 

That's the wrong question.

We don’t use a preset or spend a lot of time editing, because we don’t have to! We do almost all of the work IN CAMERA and make minimal adjustments in Lightroom.

THIS is the right one. 

Photographers should REALLY be asking us, “How do you SHOOT?” Because great photography doesn't happen in Photoshop. It happens in camera. That’s why we created this course. 

You didn’t pick up the camera to be trapped behind your computer screen. 

That’s why we invested so much time and energy refining a proven shooting system. The system we use to produce the high-quality, consistent photographs we’ve become known for. The system that allowed us build a thriving, in-demand, six-figure photography business doing what we love, without wasting our life behind our computer screen. Up until now, photographers have had to invest THOUSANDS of dollars with us, along with airfare, hotel and travel time to learn our proven shooting system. They’ve achieved incredible results, and word has been spreading like wildfire; but because we can only host a limited amount of people each year, a lot

of you haven’t been able to get in. Even more of you just can't make it. You can’t leave your home. Your job. Your family. You’ve expressed a huge need to be able to learn from us… wherever you are. Which is why FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER we’re making our proven shooting and editing system available to you from the comfort of your own home! In our brand new online course, packed with over eight hours of instruction, you can go at your own pace, watch over and over again and learn exactly how we make our images look the way they do, from the beginning of a session to the final export.

Shoot better. With confidence. 

You know that feeling you get right at the beginning of a session? Those nervous butterflies? The moment you realize things aren’t looking the way you’d imagined? You start to tell yourself you’ll just try to fix these images later. And then your client asks to see the back of your camera. Isn’t it in that moment you wished you had a solid game-plan? So you could produce work that you’re proud of. So you could walk onto every session with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face, knowing you don’t have to guess at great photos. THAT is why we created this course.

Edit faster. Save time.

The best part about learning how to nail your images in camera is that you won’t have to be a slave to editing anymore. Our proven system will teach you how to shoot intentionally so that you can edit your photos in a fraction of the time. We’ll show you to how to create work you’re proud of. Fast. So you can get back to doing what you love with the people you love.

Wow your clients. Build trust.

There’s no greater feeling than turning the camera around to boost your client’s confidence and showing them how good they look in the middle of a session. The only thing better? Being able to edit their photos so fast that you can surprise them with their fully edited gallery before they expect it! It’s that kind of above-and-beyond service and experience that will make your business stand out in a sea of competition. Let that good word of mouth spread like wildfire.

Attract ideal clients. Raise your prices.

People trust consistency. When you start producing high-quality consistent work that people can count on, you attract people who really see the value in what you do. A higher demand means you can raise your prices. Work less. Make more. Serve clients you love. And protect yourself from burn-out.

This course is PERFECT for you if... 
  •     You feel behind.
  •     Your jobs are piling up and you're frustrated and overwhelmed by how long it takes you to edit. 
  •     You want to confidently nail your photos IN CAMERA and spend less time behind your computer screen.
  •     You're a new photographer looking to fast track your growth.   
  •     You've been shooting for a few years but just haven't nailed a consistent style you love - or you want ours! 
  •     You're ready to say goodbye to guesswork. 
  •     You feel nervous when a client asks to see the back of your camera during a session. 
  •     You know your clients deserve a faster turnaround time. 
  •     You're ready to break up with Photoshop. 
  •     You know it's time to feel PROUD of your work, get your life back and love what you do again. 
Feeling unsure if this course is worth it? Take it from our students:
What You'll Learn in this Course
Module 1: Natural Light 

Do you ever show up to sessions, look around and freeze up because you don't know where to shoot? Do you wish you had a go-to system for finding the most beautiful light no matter where you are? In this module, we get you inside our head and show you how to avoid the worst light and see the best light, use open shade to your advantage, select intentional backgrounds for that light, airy look, master backlighting (like a boss), harness reflectors on cloudy days, schedule and time your sessions, and even rock window light when you can't go outside. 

Module 2: Composition 

Do you ever run out of ideas when you're shooting? Do you think, "What else can I do here?" We've been there! In this module, we'll help you get unstuck when you're in one place and need fresh ideas, and give you the tools you need to shoot the heck out of special locations so you never miss golden opportunities. We'll break down composition basics - like the rule of thirds, framing, layering and leading lines - and then give it an advanced twist: revealing how we combine all of them for maximum effect and even to flatter our subjects' bodies so we don't ever have to liquify in Photoshop. 

Module 3: Exposure 

Are you shooting in automatic mode? Does the "exposure triangle" spin you in circles? Or maybe you've been shooting in manual for a while but it looks and feels a lot more like guessing mode. In this module, we remove the guesswork and walk you through the step-by-step process we still use at every shoot to maximize our aperture, ISO and shutter speed to produce high quality images that we're proud to show our clients on the back of the camera - and are a breeze to edit later. 

Engagement Session Style Guide
I was developing a relationship with my computer instead of with my family. Now, my images out of the camera are consistent and my editing so much faster.

- Karyn, Wyoming
Module 4: Depth of Field

Do you LOVE creamy, dreamy backgrounds? We do, too! But there's a lot more to it than just aperture. A LOT. In this module, we go deep with depth of field, explaining our checklist for getting the blurriest blur possible from every background, and our thought process every time we choose a lens. Only watch this module if you love bokeh. 

Module 5: Focus

Do big group shots freak you out? Have you ever gotten home from a session thinking you'd nailed a signature shot, only to zoom in on your computer screen and feel disappointed because it's out of focus? Maybe you've been on a shoot where NOTHING was in focus and you felt terrified because you didn't know how to fix it. In this module, we give you our focus framework, a game plan for tackling sprinting kids, massive families and everyone in between - plus all of our troubleshooting techniques so you'll never have to feel that focus fear again.

Module 6: White Balance

Are you embarrassed to show your clients the back of the LCD screen? Better yet, if your LCD screen stopped working in the middle of a shoot, could you keep going? Guys, this module is worth the entire price of the course, because we'll show you our proven, step-by-step system for getting clean, custom white balance with every frame. For the rest of your career. Count the hours you save editing after we show you how to do this. Then, figure out what to do with that second lifetime. 

Engagement Session Style Guide
"I used to start each session anxious, hoping it would just magically work out! Now, I go into each session excited because I'm able to create consistent images in camera. My editing time is only a small fraction of what it used to be."

- Jennifer, Michigan
Module 7: Camera Settings 

Nobody comes out of the womb knowing how to use a digital camera. We sure didn't! If you did, that's weird. That's because understanding your camera settings has nothing to do with innate intelligence. It's just head knowledge, like long division. Stop reading if you were bad at fourth grade math. You just need someone to tell you what it all means. In this module, we take you inside our camera (like Magic School Bus!) and show you our favorite custom settings, why we love them and why we think you will, too. 

Module 8: Culling

Do you have the HARDEST time choosing images fast and feeling confident you made the best choices? in 2015, we took over 250,000 frames. If we didn't have an efficient system for keeping the good ones, ditching the bad ones and making close calls without blinking an eye, we wouldn't be where we are today. In this module, you'll get the click-by-click approach that cut our culling time to a small fraction of it's formal size. 

Module 9: Editing

Lightroom is like the bathroom: You have to go in there, but when you do, the goal should be to spend as little time inside as possible. In this module, we'll walk you through exactly how we edit our images in Lightroom and show you our favorite tools, tricks and tweaks to keep you out of Photoshop. 

You're getting a lot. 

And by a lot, we mean our ENTIRE shooting and editing system, everything we know about everything above. People think we're crazy to make it available at all - much less at this low price - but we don't care, because we think you're worth it. 

Get instant, unlimited, lifetime access to the entire course.
There's no wait list. It's always available... on your schedule.
Over 9 1/2 Hours of Classroom Content & Instruction Delivered via Slides & Audio for Optimal Learning
Bonus! 30 Minutes of On-Location Videos to Reinforce What You've Learned in Class
Digital Workbook So You Can Take Notes as You Go & Always Reference Them Later
Bonus! Private Facebook Community! 
Connect with classmates in a safe, positive, encouraging environment. Internet trolls not welcome. 
See What They're Saying About the Course! 
This is what it costs for in-person coaching
  • In-person coaching
  • One-on-one individualized instruction
  • 8 hours  

This is what you'll pay. One time. 
  • Over 9 1/2 Hours of Classroom Content 
  • 30 Minutes of On-Location Videos 
  • Digital Workbook 
  • Fun, obvs. 
This is what the course should cost. 
  • Over 9 1/2 Hours of Classroom Content 
  • 30 Minutes of On-Location Videos 
  • Digital Workbook 

Up until now, photographers have spent 
thousands to learn our shooting and editing system. 

When photographers heard what we were up to, they told us they expected this course would cost AT LEAST a thousand dollars, knowing other photographers have invested thousands of dollars to learn this system from us in person — ESPECIALLY considering how life-changing their results have been. But here’s the thing. We wanted this information to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Because it’s a game changer. So instead of costing thousands of dollars, our course is only $497. 

Now, it can be yours for a one-time payment of only $497.
100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Shooting & Editing Course is backed by our honest 100% money back guarantee. So there's ZERO RISK to you! If you purchase the course, watch all the lessons, complete the workbook and, in good faith, tell us you're not a better photographer as a result of the course material, email us within 30 days with your completed workbook and we'll refund your entire purchase. But we're confident that's not going to happen. BECAUSE IF YOU DO THE WORK, THIS STUFF WORKS.

"It's important to choose the RIGHT education. 

Because practice doesn't make perfect. It makes permanent." 

- Jordan's Soccer Coach

testimonial: an interview with sue ellen...
Engagement Session Style Guide
"I was shooting mostly JPEG in automatic mode, 
and using presets to make up for my lack of skill and knowledge. It took me FOREVER to edit my images."

"I was completely overwhelmed and honestly super insecure. I was learning about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO through YouTube videos, experimentation and online photography forums. But to sift through ALL of that information to find the stuff that was truly helpful and appropriate for my level was beyond daunting. I played around with my camera, and I “kind of” knew how to use it, but I never really sat down and dedicated time to learning. I was scared and making up excuses. I wasn’t comfortable with manual mode at all. I was shooting mostly JPEG in automatic mode, and using presets to make up for my lack of skill and knowledge. It took me FOREVER to edit the images. I had this dream that I so badly wanted to pursue, but I felt that with each passing day, there was just too much. Some people would say one thing, others would say something else. I didn't know what information to trust. I was met with extreme judgement when asking some questions in forums.

I never lost my determination, but boy, I was lost. I felt like it would be YEARS before I was ready to call myself a photographer. YEARS before I could actually pursue photography fully. I had a lot of self doubt. I left a job to pursue this, and oftentimes doubted that I made the right choice… that I was good enough to do this. Then, I learned Amy and Jordan’s shooting and editing system. I felt encouraged, enriched and more confident. I knew it would be a process. I knew it would take time. But, unlike before, I felt okay about it. And, more importantly, I believed in myself again. I still had insecurities, but now, I had the tools and knowledge to combat those head on. They basically took YEARS away from trial and error learning, and allowed me focus on shooting well from the beginning. I still have much to learn, but they gave me the courage and the information I needed (and more) to get my business started and be able to love and serve my clients well from the start."

                        one month before
      one month after
Don't take our word for it. 

Here are 12 photos by 12 different photographers from all 
across the country who've learned our shooting and editing system.

p.s. That means only ONE of these is ours

Engagement Session Style Guide

FACT: These photos were taken AT THE SAME VENUE before and after Drew learned and implemented our shooting and editing system. 

Engagement Session Style Guide
hear it straight from the source

"Before learning Amy and Jordan’s shooting and editing system, I was so afraid to show my clients the back of camera during a shoot. Now, I have to refrain from showing them every single image during the shoot! My editing time is literally half of what it used to be! It's also made me a better photographer by being more intentional at a shoot with light, composition and color by taking the time and getting it right before the images are on my computer. I have my life back because I'm only making minor adjustments in post, and I'm not hating the middle steps of my workflow."

When does the course start?

As soon as you sign up! You can start the course any time and all the lessons are available online 24 hours per day, seven days per week. 

How do I access the course? 

As soon as you purchase the course, a confirmation page will appear to create your account. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address you used to purchase the course. From there, if you have an Internet connection that can stream video, the course will be available to you on your computer, phone or tablet.

Do you offer a payment plan? 

Since you have immediate access to all the lessons and coursework, we offer a one-time payment instead of a payment plan. 

Once I join, how long will the lessons be available? 

As soon as you join, you'll have instant, unlimited, lifetime access to all the lessons and coursework.

How is the course material taught? 

As trained professional educators, we organize and deliver the course material in the way we believe will be most efficient and effective for you. The course has eight modules which are broken into smaller lessons for digestible, bite-sized learning. No one likes to drink from a fire hose! The lessons are taught webinar style to accommodate visual and aural learners alike, so you'll be able to hear our voices and, at the same time, see lots of visual examples. At the end of some lessons, there's a bonus video of us shooting and teaching on location to reinforce what you've learned in class. 

What editing software do you use? 

Lightroom, not Photoshop. 

What tools do you use on location at shoots?

Other than our cameras and lenses, we use a stool, a reflector and an ExpoDisc. 

Is this course for beginners or advanced photographers? 

Both! This course is for anyone who wants to shoot better, edit less and learn how we get our photos to look the way they do. We've had photographers who've only been shooting for a month have success with this material, photographers who've been shooting for over ten years and everyone in between. 


Our customer support team is ready to help! Just send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours  Monday - Friday (excluding major holidays).