The Style Guide Will Help You...
    No more emailing back-and-forth about outfits. 

    Look professional before the session even starts. 

    In every city. No matter where you live. 

    Attract clients who value what you do.  
    Surprise and spoil your clients with a printed magazine. 

    You'll love how your clients look. They will too. 

    Word-of-mouth is built on great experiences. 

    And every one after that. For years to come. 
Why Every Photographer Needs This
Engagement Session Style Guide
You're stuck where you are.

You’re working so hard to build a business and a portfolio you’re proud of, to appeal to high-end clients who value what you do so you can raise your prices, but when clients show up to their sessions in shorts or t-shirts, you’re stuck.  The session won't be a portfolio builder. We believe each session should move you forward, not back.

Pinterest boards aren't working.

Maybe you’ve already tried sending your clients a Pinterest board of outfit inspiration, only to feel underwhelmed with their outfit choices when they arrive to their session. Most people can recognize when something looks good on a Pinterest board, but have a much harder time actually translating and applying the look to themselves.

Engagement Session Style Guide
Engagement Session Style Guide
You don't have time. 

You know your clients need clear, thoughtful education to give them guidance and direction so they can look their best, but you don't have the time to create something from scratch. It took us years to develop this proven system for empowering our clients to win at every single session -- and now our secrets can be yours.

The Style Guide Will Change Your Business. 
You can raise your prices. 

When your photos start featuring well-dressed clients, your work will start to look more expensive and appeal to a higher-end clientele. This will allow you to attract future clients who value your work, so you can raise your prices.

Engagement Session Style Guide
Engagement Session Style Guide
Give your clients a luxury experience. 

If you want to be a luxury photographer, it starts with giving every client a luxury experience. Spoil your brides with the perfect booking gift that'll make them feel loved, comfortable and special. Plus, it's a win-win, because when they come dressed well, your client gift will be a  gift to you, too. 

Get excited for every shoot. 

Start looking forward to every single session and fall back in love with what you do again! Your paid work will start to feel more like an editorial styled shoot, and every session will be a portfolio builder that moves your business forward and keeps you excited and inspired to do what you love most. 

Engagement Session Style Guide
Engagement Session Style Guide
Wedding Photographer | Dallas, Texas
It's changing the way brides trust me.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how amazing the style guide has been for me!  It's better than I could’ve ever expected! It's helping my engagement sessions, but it's also changing the way my clients trust me! I just got this email from a bride and it's all thanks to YOU! Here's what she said...

'Thank you, Elisabeth, for being so thoughtful through this whole process! I read the style guide cover to cover, then gave it to my mom to read cover to cover too! It's such a great resource for us! I am just so thankful for the thought you put into this process for all of your brides! You are great and I can't wait to take engagements with you!'

Keep up the awesome work! Sending you a virtual high five!"

What's Included? 
Here's everything you get when you invest in the guide.  
Engagement Session Style Guide
Our Exact Words

Get access to the never-before-released text we’ve been sending our clients for years. We’ve made all 3,000 words available for you in Word and Pages, so all you have to do is copy, paste, personalize and email right to your client for immediate results at your very next session.

Engagement Session Style Guide
InDesign Template

We’ve done the hard work for you! Easily swap your images in our fully customizable 52-page Adobe InDesign layout. Your clients will feel like they’re reading a magazine made just for them. You’re gonna love putting it in their hands.

Engagement Session Style Guide
Manual & Design Tips

In addition to our words and design, we've included a 5-page PDF manual with basic tips for how to use InDesign and step-by-step instructions for how to print your guide when it's done. For your convenience, bonus design tips are built right into the InDesign layout.

Engagement Session Style Guide
The style guide couldn't have been easier to use.

"I haven’t even gone through and personalized the style guide or printed it for clients yet. I just sent snippets of the “What to Wear” section to two of my couples before their engagement sessions. What a difference! It totally took the photos to a more polished level!"

Wedding Photographer | Regina, Canada
What's Inside the Guide? 
Here's everything that's included in the 52-page  InDesign Template.  
Engagement Session Style Guide
Engagement Session Style Guide
Engagement Session Style Guide

3,000 Words 

Get access to the never-before-released text we've built over years, and start using them right away. 

52 Pages of Design

We've done the hard work for you. Just easily swap your beautiful images into the InDesign layout and enjoy! 

Customizable Layout

Your clients will feel like they're reading a magazine made just for them. Clean, pretty, organized and easy-to-digest. 

Just Copy & Paste

Our exact text is available for you to use before you even finish customizing your guide for immediate client results. 

Design Tips & Instructions

To make customization quick and easy, we include layout design tips and an instruction manual to get you started.

Already Built for Print

The print-friendly layout and specific printing instructions makes it easy to get these in your client's hands. Fast. 
Love your next session. And every one after that. 
What if instead of coming to sessions dressed like this... 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Your clients came dressed like this. 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Would it make your work look better?
Engagement Session Style Guide
Would you be more excited about shooting? 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Would it be easier to attract the clients you've always dreamed of? 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Engagement Session Style Guide
My work looked better over night.

"I thought I was educating my clients and helping them prepare for successful and beautiful sessions. Then I bought the guide. And I was hooked. Because my first time using it, the caliber of my work improved over night -- and now I have images that sell themselves." 

Wedding Photographer | San Jose, California 
It's time for you (and your clients) to stand out. 
Getting Started 
You don't have to wait until you've finished your guide to get real results. Here's how. 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Step 1: Download
Download the guide and copy the text from from the extra text-only document provided.
Engagement Session Style Guide
Step 2: Personalize
Change a few quick things to personalize it, like your name, city, state and pricing. 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Step 3: Email
Copy, paste and email the text to your clients who have upcoming engagement sessions. 
Engagement Session Style Guide
It worked right away! 

"I bought the style guide, edited the Word document and sent just the text in an email to my clients who had their engagement session in just a few days. When they showed up, I was shocked. I couldn't believe how good they looked."

- Lauren | Richmond, Virginia

Customizing Your Guide
 Here's how to customize your guide in 30 days. Or less. 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Step 1: Shoot Sessions
Shoot real or stylized engagement sessions and save your favorites to a folder. 
Engagement Session Style Guide
Step 2: Add Your Images 
Customize our InDesign template with the images from your favorites folder.  
Engagement Session Style Guide
Step 3: Print & Ship
Print copies for your clients as a booking gift. Boom. Smack. Pow. You're done! 
Success Stories: See the Style Guide IN ACTION!
Engagement Session Style Guide
Case Study #1: Maria 

Maria sent JUST the text of the style guide to her clients. 

When they walked up, she couldn't believe her eyes...

Engagement Session Style Guide
Case Study #2: Jessica 

an interview with Jessica Q...

Before the style guide...

I used to just cross my fingers and hope for the best. Then I did a quick amateur looking word doc with bullet points of things I'd run into in the past...

After the style guide... 

My couples have been on point! They now are happy to get hair and makeup done and are super stoked to pull out all the stops and get super dressed up!  I was really happy that I wasn't answering the same 30 questions over and over about the engagement session, and I am able to show my clients my REAL LIFE previous clients outfits for inspiration and it reinforces it in their mind because chances are they've seen them on my social media. I feel like this means more than a Pinterest board full of random people.

The style guide changed... 

How I approach a shoot! I am no longer anxious before shoots because I know that they will come looking like the movie stars that they are! It has also pushed me to be a more editorial photographer!

If you're thinking of getting the guide but haven't yet...

DO IT! It comes in InDesign and is seriously SO MUCH BETTER to edit than Photoshop. The guide itself contains TONS of information I wished I'd thought of and has spaces for your sample photos! I love the version on InDesign since I can see full spreads much easier!

I have an older version of Adobe InDesign. Will that work? 
Yes! Absolutely! Since we provide the IDML file of the style guide with your download, even though we built it in Creative Cloud, you can open it in CS4, CS5 and CS6. Here’s a link to Adobe’s explanation. 

I don't have Adobe InDesign. Is this still for me?
Yes! Absolutely! Hundreds of photographers have been successful and gotten amazing results before they ever opened Adobe InDesign -- and you can, too! Here's how: Since we provide all 3,500 words in the InDesign template in Word and Pages formats, too, you can start using just the text right away by copying and pasting it into an email to your upcoming clients. Photographers, like Lauren (above), have been BLOWN AWAY at what a difference just sending the text makes! Then, once you have new portfolio images that you love -- because your clients are coming to sessions dressed better than ever -- you can download InDesign through Adobe Creative Cloud to customize your guide.

If I don't have Adobe InDesign, how do I get it?
When you're ready to make your own Engagement Session Style Guide for your clients, all you have to do is swap your images for ours in Adobe InDesign. If you don't have it yet, no problem! We recommend starting with a one month membership and going from there. 

I've never used Adobe InDesign. Is it hard to learn?
Before we created the style guide for our own business, we'd never used Adobe InDesign either -- and we picked it up fast! To make it even easier (and faster) for you, we've included a 6-page instruction manual that walks you through step-by-step how to get your guide from opening the template in Adobe InDesign to final printing. We've also linked our favorite free Adobe InDesign course online in case you get stuck! But, remember, we've already done all the hard work for you! All you have to do is swap your photos and boom, smack, pow, you're done! 

You have a Portrait Session Style Guide, too. Can you explain the difference? 
Sure thing! When we released the Engagement Session Style Guide (ESSG), photographers flooded our inbox asking us to create a Portrait Session Style Guide (PSSG) for them. So we did! Like a car company, we built PSSG on the same base as ESSG, so you'll notice that the words and design layout are very similar, but there are three key differences: 1. There are a few pages and paragraphs in each guide that don't appear in the other because they're unique. For example, how a man should dress on a family session is different than how we'd advise him to dress on an engagement session. A family is going to coordinate differently than a couple. So those pages and a few others are different based on their audience. 2. A lot of photographers we've met don't like writing. It's not their gift. So another difference between PSSG and ESSG is the audience each guide is written to. Instead of you needing to read through 3,000+ words again and change all the language for a specific audience yourself, we've saved you time by doing it for you! ESSG is written to the newly engaged bride, while PSSG is written for families (although it still speaks to expecting mothers, and could work for seniors too with some additional tweaking). 3. We know that not everyone has the easiest time deciding where to place their images in the guide. So, we spent a lot of time carefully placing and pairing our own images in PSSG so that it'd be easier for you to see what types of images we chose and use similar ones of your own to replace ours with. The main thing purchasing the second guide will save you is TIME. 

Can you explain how your 30-day money back guarantee works?
If you use the style guide, we guarantee it'll work. Or your money back. If you build your guide, start giving it to your clients as a booking gift and they don’t love it and start dressing better than your clients did before, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase within 30 days. Just send us a PDF of your completed guide, a picture of your printed version and some before and afters of your clients. Since this is a digital product and can’t be returned, by purchasing it, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that there are no refunds for other reasons. Additionally, the style guide is designed in InDesign in Adobe Creative Cloud but is compatible with CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC. Other, older versions will not work. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you understand the software requirements and recognize that no refunds will be processed because you don't have the right version or know how to use it.

Can I use your photos instead of mine? 
Our photos are included in low-resolution to serve only as a helpful visual guide when you're dragging and dropping your own photos and replacing ours for yours, but they're not fit for print, so we ask that you don't use them. The stye guide is meant to showcase your work, not ours. This is your chance to show off! 
I'm done! How do I print? 
Congrats! We designed the style guide within MagCloud's print specifications and included step-by-step instructions in your manual on how to print them. 
Photographers have told us they'd pay $249 for the guide.

So we priced it at $179.

That's less than $1 per session over the course of your career.

So, what are you waiting for?  
For questions or customer support, please email 
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