The BRAND NEW Posing Course EVERYONE Is Talking About!

Fresh. Natural. Joyful.

Those are the words people use to describe our work. Photographers ask us how we create images that feel so spontaneous and full of life. The answer? 

We don't leave anything to chance

In order for us to produce consistent work that's a beautiful visual representation of how our clients truly feel about each other, we can’t. 

We have to use a foolproof posing system that works regardless of shape, size, age, situation or comfort level in front of the camera. 

And now, for the first time, we're opening up all our posing secrets, and we're not holding anything back. 

Pssst... Does this sound like you?
I'm ready to break up with Pinterest and stop memorizing lists of poses. 
I freeze up during sessions and I feel like a fraud.
My photos are still missing that "X" Factor.
Cheap posing guides aren't working for me.
My clients look stiff and awkward and I don't know how to fix it. 
I want my photos to look natural and spontaneous. 

We hear you.

Ever since we released our shooting and editing course, we’ve been flooded with requests for a posing one. You told us you’re done with cheap posing guides, prompts and cards. You’re ready to break up with Pinterest and learn a system that will take your sessions from awkward to awesome. We hear you. That's why we poured everything we had into building a course packed with inside knowledge of our proven posing system that we’re confident will be transformational.

Before we were ever photographers, we were elementary school teachers. We spent years becoming experts at taking complicated concepts and breaking them down into simple, practical, applicable steps –– in warm, loving and engaging ways –– so that students of all levels and backgrounds could succeed. Our approach to teaching hasn't changed.

We built this course to teach you how we create images that feel fresh, joyful and natural, regardless of your clients' shape, size, age or comfort level in front of the camera. We give you the tools you need to create, not just replicate, so you can deliver images you're proud of, while creating an experience for your clients that's so fun they can't help but spread the word about you.

We don't play games with your hard-earned money. 
Education isn't a gimmick for us or a way to make a quick buck. 

It's our life's work. 
Enroll TODAY & Here's What You'll Get 
(WARNING: It's kind of a lot.)
10 + Hours of Practical, Powerful, 
Effective Posing Instruction 

We hold nothing back in our classroom-style lessons where we walk you step-by-step through our complete posing system. In this course, we break down complex ideas and make them easy for you to apply with confidence. From individuals and couples, to family sessions and bridal parties, we cover it all. Awesome, right?

Topics Covered 
Flattering EVERY Body
Getting the Genuine Smile
Nailing the "Natural" Look
Working with Kids
Our Client Posing Experience
...and so much more! 
Types of Posing Covered 
Bride & Groom
Bridal Party
Little Kids
Teen & Senior Girls
Teen & Senior Boys
Live In-Person Posing Demonstration by A&J 

We spill all of our tricks for making every BODY look BEAUTIFUL, regardless of shape, size, age or comfort level, in front of a live studio audience full of photographers. This course is your backstage pass into that room! But that's not all! We ALSO include...

Three Live, Mic'd Up 
Uncut Portrait Sessions 

Never-before-seen raw footage of us on three real shoots. We completely pull back the curtain and take you along for the ride while we photograph three sessions for people we've never photographed before. Including a full family session with two little kids! The mics are hot and the cameras don't stop rolling, so you can see and hear every word of how we pose clients on actual sessions. No plan. No script. Just real life.

#1 Family Session
#2 Bridal Anniversary Session
#3 Couples Session
Posing "Magic" Revealed
* Live Demo with a Real Couple 

We put you right inside our heads during this live demo, where we spill our secrets as we pose a former AJ bride and her husband while we teach live to camera, so you can do more than just see how we're posing them. We tell you what we're doing and exactly why we're doing it, so you can be empowered to make posing decisions confidently on the fly. You'll never be on your own again because this course also includes exclusive access to our...

The Most Supportive Private Facebook Group on the Internet

This group is only for fellow members of the posing course so that you will have a built-in warm and encouraging community of your peers, where you can feel safe to ask questions and grow without judgment and connect with other students who are learning the same things you are. You also get...

Digital Course Workbook 
That You Can Take With You... 

Our do-as-you-go digital workbook that highlights the most important parts of each lesson. Use it to track your progress, refer back to for helpful reminders and fresh inspiration whenever you need to. Since it's digital, you can put it on your phone and take it with you wherever you go! 

Laughs are included, too.

Because we believe 
education is serious business. 

But learning should be fun. 
“While some photographers closely guard their secrets, some create their own e-workshops to spill it all. Amy and Jordan feel like instant friends who want you to succeed.” 

- The Huffington Post - 
Get instant, unlimited, lifetime access to the entire posing course.
There's no wait list. It's always available... on your schedule.
Affordable, Accessible, One-Time Pricing
Two Days of One-on-one coaching
This is what most people will pay. 
  • In-Person Coaching
  • One-on-one instruction
  • 16 hours
Your price
This is what you'll pay. One time. 
  • 10+ HOURS of Classroom Style Lessons
  • Live, In-Person Posing Demonstrations
  • Real, Live, Mic'd Up, Uncut Sessions
  • Live Posing Demonstration w/ a Real Couple
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Digital Workbook
  • Fun, obvs. 
This is what the course should cost. 
  • 10 + HOURS of Classroom Style Lessons 
  • Live, In-Person Posing Demonstrations
  • 3 Real, Live, Mic'd Up, Uncut Sessions
  • Live Posing Demonstration w/ a Real Couple
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Digital Workbook 
Up until now, photographers have spent 
thousands to learn our posing system in-person.

When photographers heard what we were up to, they told us they expected this course would cost AT LEAST a thousand dollars, knowing other photographers have invested thousands of dollars to learn this system from us in person — ESPECIALLY considering how life-changing their results have been. But here’s the thing. We wanted this information to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Because it’s a game changer. So instead of costing thousands of dollars, our course is only $597. 

Now, it can be yours for a one-time payment of only $597.
100% Risk Free with our HONEST 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee  

The AJ Posing Course is backed by our honest 100% money back guarantee. So there's ZERO RISK to you! If you purchase the course, watch all the lessons, complete the workbook and, in good faith, tell us you're not a better photographer as a result of the course, email us within 30 days with your completed workbook and we'll refund your entire purchase. But we're confident that's not going to happen. BECAUSE IF YOU DO THE WORK, THIS STUFF WORKS.

Feeling unsure if this course is worth it? Take it from our students:
We don't teach you how to replicate.

We teach you how to create

This course puts you inside our heads so you can confidently walk into any situation and create images you're proud of no matter what's thrown your way. 

In other words... 

Saving poses on your phone =


AJ Posing Course = 

HOW to Fish

see sue ellen's 

BEFORE learning Amy and Jordan's posing system...  I felt completely lost and overwhelmed at sessions. I would get an intense feeling of anxiety knowing that I had no idea what to do or what direction to take next. I had one or two base poses that I found on Pinterest, but my mind kept thinking about all of the different possible scenarios that could go wrong. My clients looked completely stiff and awkward at sessions. No real emotion was being translated to the images. There was no real connection that you could feel.


Since learning Amy and Jordan's posing system... I feel much more confident and about posing at sessions. I am more secure with the direction that I give, knowing that I'm providing a good experience for my clients and helping them to create happy, genuine memories. My clients look joyful, relaxed and natural at sessions. They are enjoying their time together and their true personalities are shining through. I feel so thankful because I am truly able to live out my WHY as well as create work that I am really proud of at the beginning of my career. I am also able to charge more than my peers where I live because my clients want my experience and they want happy, joyful images of their relationship.

We believe great posing is more than just making your clients feel comfortable, it's about making them look better than ever before. 

Attract ideal clients. 
Raise your prices.

People trust consistency. When you start producing high-quality consistent work that people can count on, you attract people who really see the value in what you do. A higher demand means you can raise your prices. Work less. Make more. Serve clients you love. And protect yourself from burn-out.

Photographers who've learned our posing system tell us that it revolutionized their business. The intentional, consistent, fun experience they can now confidently coach their clients through during posing is paying off in so many ways beyond awesome photographs. They're gaining amazing word-of-mouth referrals, more business from more ideal clients, and sometimes it's even happening before they deliver the final product!

Meet Quianna

"Before I learned Amy & Jordan’s posing system, I would freeze in front of my couples and go for lots of walks trying to remember my Pinterest posing inspiration! I literally felt like a frustrated child trying to draw a portrait, but only a lifeless stick figure would appear! I just couldn't find the right words or directions to get couples to naturally fall into genuine, happy and full of LIFE poses! There was a disconnect to what I saw in my head and to getting the poses I wanted. I felt discouraged and unable to bring my visions to life.

Since learning Amy & Jordan's posing system, I feel confident and fearless! Watching Amy and Jordan pose themselves LIVE in front of my eyes gave me the visual aids I needed to help remember when I would freeze during sessions. Amy even shared some secret code words and phrases to have clients do EXACTLY what I wanted them to by making them feel good, while they switched to more flattering and visually appealing poses! GAME CHANGER! 

Now, I'm prepared for anything thrown at me during sessions and weddings! During receptions, bridesmaids are introducing me to their fiancés and boyfriends as their future wedding photographer! They haven't even seen my photos yet, but because they enjoyed such a fun, stress free and efficient photography experience they want to sign up for their turn! That right there is GOLD!"

This course is PERFECT for you if... 
  •     You feel behind.
  •     Your photos look good, but you know they're still missing that "X factor" that will take them to the next level 
  •      You want experienced teachers who've been where you are and know how to get you from there to where you         want to be. 
  •      You know it's time to stop hoping your clients will feel comfortable in front of the camera, and instead start ensuring that they do, regardless of how they felt before the session started. 
  •      You're ready for posing to stop being scary. 
  •      You're done with quick-fix instructional PDFs, downloadable lists of poses and Pinterest inspiration boards.     
  •      You're sick of temporary Band-Aid solutions. 
  •      You finally believe it's possible for you to win with posing. 
  •      You know you need a complete transformational system, not just a hodgepodge of tips and tricks that you have to find on YouTube and then try to put together on your own. 
  •      You're fed up with that uncomfortable feeling you get during shoots when you just freeze up and everything seems to goes blank. You're ready for a proven approach that will get you images that you feel proud of no matter what's thrown your way. 
  •      You're ready to learn how to consistently create images full of joy and life and breath. Images that make people really FEEL something when they look at them. 
  •      You're ready for a comprehensive posing system that works not only on wedding days, but also includes specific strategies for family portrait sessions, working with children and creating genuine moments during scheduled portrait times. 
  •      You wish you had a supportive community of peers on the Internet, where you would finally feel safe to ask questions and grow without fear of judgement. 
  •      You know it's time to stop watching other people pursue their dreams and start taking active steps toward pursuing your own. 
  •      You want to make sure your clients LOVE the way they LOOK in their photos. You're finished with Photoshop and liquifying body parts. You want to get your posing right in camera, so you can make your clients look and feel better than ever before. 
  •      You stopped believing this lie: "It'll work for everyone... except me." 
  •       You know you can gain more word of mouth referrals, buzz and momentum for your business when you make posing an EXPERIENCE and not just a means to an end.
Straight from Our Students
Engagement Session Style Guide

BEFORE learning Amy & Jordan's posing system... I felt insecure and didn't even know where to start when it came to posing at sessions. NOW... I'm more confident and excited about sessions. It allows me to feel like I have more creative freedom because I'm not stressed about the basics. NOW... I'm relaxed from the start. It rubs off on my clients which allows them to let go, be playful and have fun! It's in those moments that the candid, joy-filled shots are created. Being able to enter a session confident is priceless and creates an all around high quality experience."

- McKenzie
Engagement Session Style Guide

"My clients used to looked posed at sessions. 

Now, they look like themselves." 
- Silvana
Engagement Session Style Guide

"I used to feel totally at the will of the couple to make the posing look natural and cheerful. I had no clue how to communicate what I wanted them to do. Now, I feel way more confident and like I actually know what I'm doing!"

- Jennifer
Engagement Session Style Guide

"Before learning Amy & Jordan's posing system, I felt really confident about posing at sessions. After learning from them, I felt like I shouldn't have been so confident beforehand about posing at sessions!"

- Denise
Engagement Session Style Guide

"I used to feel lost about posing at sessions. Now, I'm more confident in my posing techniques and have more fun with my clients instead of stressing over different poses."

- Michelle
Five BIG Questions You Might Have...


There are so many inexpensive posing PDFs and prompt cards, not to mention FREE YouTube videos and Pinterest inspiration boards. HOW is this course different?

Answer: The AJ Posing Course isn’t a confused mixture of conflicting advice that you have to make sense of on your own. It’s a tested, proven, complete and TRANSFORMATIONAL posing system that a hodgepodge of PDFs, posing cards and Pinterest boards just can’t give you. Not only that, but the AJ Posing Course comes with a built-in support community of fellow students through our interactive private Facebook group –– so you're never alone!


There are other photographers out there who teach about posing. How are YOU different?

Answer: Before we were ever photographers, we were elementary school teachers. We spent years becoming experts at taking complicated concepts and breaking them down into simple, practical, applicable steps –– in warm, loving and engaging ways –– so that students of all levels and backgrounds could succeed. Our approach to teaching hasn't changed.


It feels like every posing course is made for wedding photographers. Family photographers, like me, get left out. Is this course for ME?

Answer: This. course. is. for. YOU! We thought about creating separate posing courses for family photographers and wedding photographers, but so many people shoot both –– and we didn't want you to have to buy two courses or choose between them –– so we built one ultimate posing course that covers in-depth BOTH posing for family sessions ANDweddings.


I've wasted money on promises that didn't work in the past. HOW is THIS COURSE going to be any different?

Answer: We believe in making promises we can keep. Here's a real-life example: Six months ago, we made our first comprehensive online course available to photographers. We didn't hide our tricks. We didn't hold back our secrets. We made a promise to our students that we would show them exactly how we shoot and edit. Then, two things happened: a) We kept our promise,  b) Our students succeeded.  Not just one. Or a few. But thousands of photographers online. Maybe that's why The Huffington Post named our first course to their 2016 Ultimate Gift Guide for photographers.  We don't play games with your hard-earned investment. Education isn't a gimmick for us or a way to make a quick buck. It's our life's work. The Internet already has enough people promising you the world, but leaving you right where you started. We know how to take you across the finish line.


I have a limited budget. I can't afford to make a mistake with my educational dollars. How do I know this course will actually help me grow my photography business?

Answer: If you do the work, it will do more than grow. Photographers who've learned our posing system tell us that it revolutionized their business. The intentional, consistent, fun experience they can now confidently coach their clients through during posing is paying off in so many ways beyond awesome photographs. They're gaining amazing word-of-mouth referrals, more business from more ideal clients, and sometimes it's even happening before they deliver the final product!

When does the course start?

Right away! You can start the course any time and all the lessons are available online 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

How do I access the course? 

Within 15 minutes of ordering, we'll send a confirmation email to the email address you used to purchase the course. Just follow the instructions in the email to create your online account and start watching the lessons. 

Are there any software or technical requirements? 

Not really :) Just a high-speed Internet connection. If you can watch videos online, you can watch the course! 

Do you offer a payment plan? 

Since you have immediate access to all the lessons and coursework, we offer a one-time payment instead of a payment plan. 

Once I join, how long will the lessons be available? 

As soon as you join, you'll have instant, unlimited, lifetime access to all the lessons and coursework.

How is the course material taught? 

As trained professional educators, we organize and deliver the course material in the way we believe will be most efficient and effective for you. The course is broken into modules with smaller lessons for digestible, bite-sized learning. No one likes to drink from a fire hose! The 10 + hours of lessons are taught webinar style to accommodate visual and aural learners alike, so you'll be able to hear our voices and, at the same time, see lots of visual examples. We've also included live videos of us demonstrating posing in person to a live audience of photographers. Not only that, our course is also packed with THREE FULL-LENGTH real, live, uncut, mic'd up portrait sessions with us, as well as a full-length anniversary session where we put you inside our heads and talk through everything we're doing, while we're doing it.

I'm a family photographer. Is this course for me?
This. course. is. for. YOU! We thought about creating separate posing courses for family photographers and wedding photographers, but so many people shoot both –– and we didn't want you to have to buy two courses or choose between them –– so we built one ultimate posing course that covers in-depth BOTH posing for family sessions AND weddings.


Our customer support team is ready to help! Just send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours  Monday - Friday (excluding major holidays).